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 About dol-sensors

dol-sensors develops, produces and markets capacitive and climate sensors under the dol sensors® trademark for automation tasks in all industries. The agricultural and feedstuff sectors are of course the primary business areas for our sensors, but the processing industry is also developing rapidly. dol-sensors is an independent business unit with its own profile.
Our sensor product portfolio is the result of 30 year's valuable cooperation with the largest companies in the agro- and animal feed industries all over the world. Our vision is to be the best partner for solving detection tasks in these industries. This is achieved by offering flexible, reliable and competitive products based on the latest technology.
Where are they used?
Capacitive sensors
In many industries, the process from raw materials to finished goods is long. The agro-industry with agriculture as the first stage and the food processing industry as the last stage involves many automated processes requiring transport control and storage. Here, capacitive sensors are used everywhere to ensure efficient and correct handling of materials.
Capacitive sensors are also important components in the automatic handling of all types of wood, plastic and granulates.
In addition to CE approved sensors, dol-sensors also offers UL, CSA and ATEX approved sensors.
Climate sensors
Climate sensors are well suited for detection of climate changes in e.g. livestock houses, horticultural enterprises and other production facilities where registration of climate changes is required. 
dol-sensors produces temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors, both as single and as multifunctional sensors. dol-sensors’ product range includes several types of sensors in different designs and with different specifications.