SmartAdjust - the world's simplest way to configure feed sensors


The use of smartphones is increasing in every aspect of life. There are apps for virtually every need, and now there is even an app for configuration of feed sensors from dol-sensors a/s.
“We have been looking for ways to improve the user experience when our customers configure our feed sensors.”, says Niels Peter Andersen, Product Manager, dol-sensors a/s. 
“Fiddling with a small screwdriver in a dusky poultry house and trying to hit exactly 10 minutes of ON-delay is not the easiest task in the world, which is why we are introducing SmartAdjust – the world’s simplest way to configure feed sensors. With SmartAdjust-enabled sensors and the accompanying SmartAdjust app, users can, in an intuitive way, not only set parameters in the sensors at exact values, but they have also access to more parameters than they had with trimmer settings. This will be a huge benefit to both users and resellers - they do not have to keep several variants in stock as a few variants will be enough to cover a wide range.”
SmartAdjust enables bulk configuration of sensors, as configurations can be copied across multiple sensors, so that all feed sensors in e.g. a poultry house can have the same configuration.
“As SmartAdjust does not even require that the sensors are powered when doing the configuration, you can do the configuration in the workshop or in the service van. You can even do it at the kitchen table if you like, before installing the sensors in the livestock houses. I am sure this will be highly appreciated by our users.”, Niels Peter Andersen says, laughing.
Asked why SmartAdjust uses NFC and not Bluetooth or WiFi for communication, Niels Peter Andersen explains:
“We have chosen NFC as the wireless technology as it has some benefits in our application:


1. With NFC, you do not have to pair sensors and the app or enter WiFi passwords
     before it works.
2. Security is good because you must have physical access to the sensor.
3. As a user, you are never in doubt which sensor you are configuring because you
    literally must touch the sensor when doing the configuration.

4. Best of all - you can configure the sensors even when they are not powered.


SmartAdjust is without doubt the world’s simplest way to configure feed sensors.” SmartAdjust is available in the following sensors from dol-sensors a/s:
iDOL 44R and iDOL 44R-33

SmartAdjust app is available in Google Play for Android devices with wireless NFC technology.

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