Our History

More than 50 years ago, when dol-sensors started making sensors, the agricultural industry was based on the individual farmers’ knowledge and senses. Managing humidity, temperature, ammonia level, feed amount, and other vital factors affecting the production were manually done, and data was stored as experience the heads of the farm workers.

dol-sensors wanted to make sense in the production and provide intelligent sensor solutions to contribute to global efficient and sustainable food production.

Specialized in Agriculture

From the beginning, we have specialized in agriculture and used cutting-edge technology to develop, design, and produce high-quality sensors. Our sensors provide accurate vital data for controlling the environment in the stable to enhance the production and increase animal welfare.

Making Sense in the Production

Today, the agricultural industry bases farm management decisions on real-time data which create new knowledge daily. The data and knowledge are shared among stakeholders in the protein production companies to make sense in the production and continuously increase the productivity.

Collaboration is Key

The increasing demand for traceability, lower emission, higher animal welfare, better performance in production, and lower production costs calls for innovation of new sensors, more flexible ways for delivering data, as well as new kinds of data for benchmarking and optimization.

At dol-sensors, we meet this demand by innovating new sensors in collaboration with our customers.

dol-sensors Today

dol-sensors develops, designs, and produces high-quality sensors. In 2021, more than 300,000 sensors were produced at the factory in Denmark.


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