OmniFarm app - available for iOS & Android

Track your farm climate and enjoy peace of mind...

The game changer for farm climate monitoring

Is your farm ready to take the next leap into becoming digital? The simplicity behind the OmniFarm App and its features provide peace of mind and let you focus on what is important. Visit the user guide to see how simple it is to get started

The OmniFarm app is now available for Android. OmniFarm App brings your farm at hand by simply giving you access to some of the most vital climate data from your livestock house to your smartphone device. Click the link below to download the app for your chosen device.

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iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway

Equipped with our sensors, the iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway links your sensor data to your OmniFarm app.

DOL 114

A 2-in-1 sensor that measures Humidity & Temperature

DOL 19

A sensor that helps you measure CO₂

Focus on what is important.

Not being able to keep track of temperature, humidity levels, CO2 in your livestock house can be potentially dangerous to your livestock and a financial hurdle to your overall business. Our product experts who were responsible for bringing the OmniFarm App to fruition have taken into account your challenges of accessing your farm’s climate performance from anywhere in the world.

With the convenience of the OmniFarm App, and the iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway which can be equipped with our sensors, you can get notifications that help warn you about your farm’s climate status.


How to get started?

To get started, contact a dealer supporting the OmniFarm concept by visiting
The dealer will help you find the right setup - such as the correct version of the app and the correct number of DOL OmniFarm bundles and DOL sensors. You are also welcome to contact dol-sensors by simply filling out the form below this page.

What is a DOL OmniFarm bundle?

The DOL OmniFarm bundle contains an iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway and DOL sensors for measuring temperature (DOL 114), humidity (DOL 114), and CO2 (DOL 19). The bundle also contains mounting brackets and manuals for the iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway and manuals for the sensors. If you need additional sensors, please ask your dealer

How many devices can I connect to my OmniFarm App?

The Basic free version of the app lets you connect two iDOL 63 Cloud Gateways and is pre-configured for three sensor inputs temperature and humidity (DOL 114), and CO2 (DOL 19).
With the Pro version of the app, you can connect up to 5 iDOL 63 Cloud Gateways and use all eight ports on each iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway. In total, you can collect 40 sensor inputs with the Pro app. As an example, this can be set up to measure temperature, humidity, CO2, and ammonia for ten different houses.

How many sensors can I connect?

Using the free OmniFarm Basic app, you will be able to access the three sensor inputs shipped as a part of the DOL OmniFarm bundle.
Expanding your solution by using the Pro version of the app, you can connect and access data from all 8 ports on the iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway.

Which type of sensors are supported?

Using the Basic app, you have access to temperature (DOL 114), humidity (DOL 114), and CO2 (DOL 19), whereas the Pro version also enables you to access ammonia sensor data (DOL 53).

Will I still be able to access my data if I change the iDOL 63?

The Basic app only displays current sensor values, whereas the Pro app gives you a sliding window of 24 hours for each sensor.
If you need to replace one of your iDOL 63 Cloud Gateways, the app will provide you with data for all iDOL 63 Cloud Gateways registered in the app. With the Basic app, you can have 2 iDOL 63 Cloud Gateways registered and 5 with the Pro app.
If you need to access historic sensor data, contact your dealer or

How do I power iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway?

iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway is powered over the same network cable that is connected to the internet, known as power-over-ethernet (PoE). Therefore, a separate power cable is not required.

Do I need a power-over-ethernet injector?

If you already have a broadband router or an Ethernet switch that supports power-over-ethernet (PoE), there is no need for a PoE injector.

Do I need an internet connection to get started?

Yes, an internet connection is required for OmniFarm to work.

What kind of bandwidth do I need?

Any speed from 2Mbps will be sufficient for OmniFarm to work.

Do I need a router?

If you already use the router that was provided by your broadband provider, there is no need for an additional router. If your broadband router does not have available ethernet ports, it will be necessary to obtain an ethernet switch to get additional ports to connect iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway