Capacitive sensor - 18 mm cylindrical housing

DOL 26

DOL 26 is a capacitive sensor for detecting of loose and solid materials. The mechanical design of the DOL 26 sensor makes it ideal for inclusion in small applications with limited space.

This sensor is available as a DOL 26 and iDOL 26. There are versions available both with straight cable exit as well as angled cable exit. DOL 26 is immune to EMI, short-circuiting and overloading, i.e. the risk of burnt-out sensors due to installation errors is non-existent. The sensor has low power consumption in standby mode – and therefore several sensors can work in parallel on the same contactor. This renders control of cross auger installations possible.
DOL 26 is available with different output options: 2-wire SCR for contactors and relays. 4-wire PNP/NPN for PLC’s.

  • Hardened design for agricultural and industrial applications.
  • Small form factor for confined spaces.
  • SCR, PNP and NPN output options available.
  • Smooth and threaded housings available.

IP69k and NEMA 1/3/4/6/12/13 ingress protection.