iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway

Data monitoring

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to all climate data in one Farm Management System (FMS)? With the DOL Omni digital services, you can now easily monitor and collect data from multiple houses into your Farm Management System. Click  to see how the iDOL 63 works.

Today, a common challenge to farmers and Integrators around the world is the ability to:

  • aggregate data from multiple livestock houses
  • use and benchmark data across livestock houses
  • optimize production based on data

DOL Omni is the world’s first platform-independent digital service that can be integrated with any farm management system. To this, we are introducing, iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway. Equipped with our sensors, the device collects and provides real-time data from all your livestock houses into your preferred Farm Management System (FMS). Simplify your data collection in one Farm Management System by calling your local Dol-Sensors dealer or Farm Management System provider and explain your needs. This way you can:

  • Manage multiple houses
  • Single point of access to your data
  • Benchmark
  • Explore data patterns
  • Simplify data collection
  • Manage FMS integration


Simplify your data collection in one Farm Management System