DOL 26 Capacitive sensor...

For detecting loose & solid material

The DOL 26 belongs to our line of capacitive sensors. Our capacitive sensors can be used for milling industries such as grain and animal feed and industrial applications where plastic and wood pellets are used. The mechanical design of the DOL 26 sensor makes it ideal for inclusion in small applications with limited space. This sensor is available as a DOL 26 and iDOL 26. The iDOL 26 can be easily configured using our SmartAdjust app featured in the video below.

DOL 26 is available both with a straight cable exit as well as an angled cable exit. Read more about DOL 26. Some of the beneficial features of this sensor are it’s:

  • Hardened design for agricultural and industrial applications.
  • Small form factor for confined spaces.
  • SCR, PNP and NPN output options are available.
  • Smooth and threaded housings available.

Please feel free to contact dol-sensors to provide you with the sensor application that suits your needs.

SmartAdjust App

Simple sensor configuration

DOL 26 Production

Inhouse assembly line