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Over the past 40 years, we have developed a wide range of sensors together with leading companies in this field. To ensure that all our contributions add value to the customers, we take pride in creating innovative products and services of a lasting quality that can withstand different environments and climate.

To this, we constantly explore new technologies that benefit our customers. We put great emphasis on research and testing our products throughout the development process, which ensures robust and reliable products with an extremely low failure rate.

iDOL 65 camera

DOL 19

DOL 20

DOL 53 Ammonia sensor

DOL 139 3-in-1 sensor

iDOL 46R

DOL 44

DOL 41

DOL 26 M18

DOL 16

DOL 104 / DOL 114

iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway


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Our products are primarily sold through a network of dealers around the world. We are always looking for dealers who share the same passion as we do. We are dedicated to contributing to the success of your business. If you would like to find out about becoming a dealer for
dol-sensors, please contact:


Jan Jensen

Manager – Global Sales
T: +45 7217 5849
E: [email protected]

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