About dol-sensors

A Recognized Global Brand

dol-sensors is a recognized global brand that innovates, designs, and produces high-quality sensors and tailor-made sensor solutions for improving livestock production and animal welfare.

We design, produce, and market intelligent capacitive sensors and climate sensors for livestock farming and other industries.

50 Years of Innovation

We have specialized in the agricultural industry for more than 50 years and always contributed to a better production through innovation of outstanding solutions.

Collaboration with Our Customers

To ensure we make the best products, we collaborate with our customers. Working together gives the best results, as we can share the knowledge and competencies of every individual in the team.

A Team of Specialists

At dol-sensors, we are a team of passionate minds. We work closely together to innovate, design, and produce better solutions every day. Our mindset is modern and innovative, and we believe in a work environment that fosters people’s imagination and put it into existence.

Customized Solutions

Since we know every customer need is different, we aim at providing unparalleled customer experience. Therefore, part of our expertise also focuses on providing tailor-made sensor solutions. We innovate, design, and produce our sensor solutions in the same facilities, enabling us to quickly adapt or develop new products matching the set requirements. The path from idea and need to an implementet sensor solution is not long.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide intelligent sensor solutions to contribute to global efficient and sustainable food production.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading supplier through innovation of climate, capacitive, and management sensors for food production and other industries.