Control the Climate for a Better Production

Growing plants in a controlled environment is highly dependent on the climate in the growing facility. Factors such as temperature, humidity, CO2 level, ammonia level, and light intensity play a crucial role in the health of the plants and the yield.

dol-sensors innovate, design, and produce high quality sensor solutions that provide you with reliable data. Our sensors are connected to climate controllers, that collect the data and use it to automate things like heating, cooling, and ventilation. The data from our climate sensors is real-time and accurate, and due to the robust design, all our sensors have long service lives and need less maintenance.

A Reputable Global Brand

dol-sensors is used all over the world in harsh environments like livestock houses and other industrial facilities by some of the industry’s biggest players.

We innovate, design, and produce high-quality sensors and tailor-made sensor solutions for improving food production to contribute to global efficient and sustainable food production.

Our team of specialists work in close collaboration with our customers to ensure the best sensor solutions.

Selected products

DOL 139 Humidity, Temperature, and CO2 Sensor

DOL 119 CO2 Sensor

DOL 114 Humidity and Temperature Sensor

DOL 104 Humidity Sensor


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