Pig Production

Monitor the Pig Production to Ensure Yield

Animal welfare and feed consumption ratio (FCR) are crucial factors when it comes to performance and yield in pig production. These factors are highly affected by the climate in the farmhouse. Monitoring temperature, humidity, CO2, ammonia, and light intensity can help farmers and farm managers to take data-based decisions about ventilation, heating, cooling, and light in the farmhouse. Our climate sensors are robust sensors for application in livestock houses and combined with a farm controller, the sensors can e.g. help ensuring automatic ventilation, to keep a more constant climate in the farmhouse.

A functional feeding supply system is also an important aspect of the animals’ welfare and FCR. Monitoring the supply of feed and the silo level can ensure a reliable feed distribution, where feed is poured to the animals in the right time and amount. Our capacitive sensors are specially designed for application in silos and feed plants and have hardened designs to cope with the harsh environment in a livestock house.

When monitoring the production in terms of the climate in the farmhouse and the feed supply farmers and farm managers will be able to ensure an optimum climate and feed supply for the animals. The better the animal welfare, the better the yield. Climate and feed supply data can be compared to historical data or data from other farms to take well-considered decisions about the production.

A Recognized Global Brand

dol-sensors is a recognized global brand with more than 50 years of experience in the agricultural business. Our sensor solutions are used all over the world by some of the industry’s biggest pig producers. Our sensors are known for their high quality, reliability, and accuracy.

We design, produce, and market intelligent capacitive sensors and climate sensors for livestock farming and other industries.

dol-sensors has a close collaboration with our customers to ensure the best products. As something special in the industry, we offer tailor-made solutions, to meet every need.

Selected products

DOL 53 Ammonia Sensor

DOL 44 Capacitive Sensor

DOL 16 Light Intensity Sensor

DOL 139 Humidity, Temperature, and CO2 Sensor


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