Climate sensors


Comfort and productivity in animal production

Climate sensors to ensure comfort and productivity in animal production. dol-sensors manufactures sensors for temperature, humidity and CO2 amongst other things; both as single-function and multi-function sensors. The climate sensors record changes in the livestock house climate but can also be used, for example, in horticultural enterprises and other industrial production facilities where there is a need to record changes in the climatic conditions.

  • • Single-function and multi-function
  • • Adapted to the aggressive livestock
      house environment
  • • Very accurate measurements
  • • Measures all conditions in the
      livestock house
Humidity and temperature
DOL 15 / 104 / 114 Temperature and humidity sensors

DOL 15 - fully electric temperature sensor
The electronics of the sensor are embedded in special plastic and it is well suited to livestock house environments that require a particularly sturdy design. The DOL 15 has a built-in voltage amplifier (0.1 vrc) enabling direct connection to a control unit. A detachable cap protects the sensor element, which is coated with a corrosion-resistant enamel. The DOL 15T sensor is a temperature sensor specially designed for mounting on heating pipes. Applicable in combination with 2-way control valves and is controlled by the climate computer.

DOL 104 digital humidity
The DOL 104 is a high-precision sensor for measuring relative humidity designed for use in livestock houses but is also well suited for a number of industrial applications.




The sensor has an analogue output with a very low output resistance and full protection against short circuits and wiring failures. The special sensor element and the built-in filter enable application in livestock houses with constantly high humidity. The sensor comes with a cable. A microprocessor controls the sensor and the sensor has a two-colour light emitting diode (LED) for communication of operation status and error diagnostics.



DOL 114 digital humidity and temperature sensor

The DOL 114 is a high-precision sensor for measuring relative humidity and temperature.





It is used in livestock houses but is also well suited for a number of industrial applications. The sensor has the same excellent properties as the DOL 104 digital humidity sensor.

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Ammonia monitoring and climate control

The award winning DOL 53 is a sensor specifically designed for continuous measurement of ammonia (NH3) concentration in livestock houses.

The highly negative effects of high ammonia concentration in livestock production are well known, and with the introduction of the DOL 53 the farmer is now finally able to monitor the ammonia concentration continuously and take corrective actions, if ammonia levels are increasing.



The DOL 53 features accurate ammonia measurements in both low and high concentrations, negligible cross sensitivity to other gasses and a long lifetime without the need for calibration. The DOL 53 can be mounted inside the livestock house, without any need for tubes or pumps.

DOL 19 - Digital CO2 sensor

The DOL 19 is a carbon dioxide/CO2 sensor that is primarily designed for measurements in livestock houses.


The sensor measures the CO2 level in the livestock house to ensure the animals enjoy optimum climate conditions. The sensor is also used to monitor any fault conditions in livestock houses with direct combustion. The sensor is protected by a filter in a sturdy housing.

The sensor is supplied with a connector and cable solution facilitating the removal of the sensor before cleaning and disinfection of livestock houses.


DOL 16 - Digital light sensor

The DOL 16 is a sensor designed to measure light intensity. It has been developed to handle the harsh livestock environment, but is also well suited for a number of industrial applications.

The level of light is a factor that broiler producers must actively control to achieve high productivity. The gain of the broilers and the laying of eggs by parent stock are optimised with correct light control. Using the DOL 16, it is possible to maintain the light level recommended by breeding companies, or to maintain a light level which has been a positive experience for the broiler producer himself.



The sensor is controlled by a microprocessor and has a two-colour light emitting diode (LED) for communication of operation status and error diagnostics.

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DOL 58 - Digital weather sensor

The DOL 58 measures wind direction, wind speed and air pressure or temperature. Wind speed and direction are measured using ultrasound.




The weather sensor has no moving parts, and this means that the measurements of the sensor are very reliable and that the sensor has a very long service life.      

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DOL 18 - Differential pressure sensor

dol-sensors' electronic DOL 18 sensor is used for very precise measurement of negative pressure.




The DOL 18 is used primarily for measuring negative pressure in livestock houses and to trigger an alarm if the pressure is too low or too high, but it can also be used in other environments where there is a need for measurement of negative pressure.

Various mounting options

Climate sensors are often used in livestock house environments that need regular cleaning. It is therefore important that the sensors can be easily dismounted and refitted. dol-sensors offers various plug systems in this respect.


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