Feed sensors


For automation of processes

Capacitive sensors are used for the automation of processes where there is a need for controlled conveyance and storage of materials. The capacitive sensors ensure an efficient and seamless handling of grain and other feedstuffs, among other things, but can also be used for handling wood, plastics and other granular materials.

The range includes both smooth sensors and sensors with screw threads.  

  • • Design supporting the task
  • • CE, UL and CSA approval
  • • Produced at our factory in Denmark
  • • Small batches of specially adapted 
DOL 20
Capacitive sensor - Flat 90.5x45 mm, SCR/relay

The DOL 20R can for example be used to measure the level in hoppers, feed pans, silos, bins, or for control of poultry feed lines.  


The sensitivity of the DOL 20R sensor can be fixed or adjustable using trimmers to match various types of feed. It is mounted on the outside of plastic hoppers, as it can detect the level through this material. A DOL 20R sensor has potential-free relay contacts with a switch function. The sensor is supplied with mounting clips as standard.

DOL 25
Capacitive sensor - 18/30 mm, SCR/PNP/NPN, IP67

DOL 25 is a complete range of sensors that includes the following variants: without trimmer, with one trimmer or with two trimmers. All types offer active temperature compensation, which makes them 100% temperature-stable.  


DOL 26
Capacitive sensor - 18 mm, SCR/PNP/NPN, IP69K

The mechanical design of the DOL 26 sensor makes it ideal for inclusion in small applications with limited space.  


Versions with full return of the cable are well suited for feed pans. DOL 26 is immune to EMI short-circuiting and overloading, i.e. the risk of burnt-out sensors due to installation errors is non-existent. The sensor has low power consumption in standby mode - and therefore several sensors can work in parallel on the same contactor. This renders control of cross auger installations possible. 

Feed sensor with integrated light

The DOL 28R is a unique sensor that combines a 30 mm feed sensor with an integrated light.  



The DOL 28R is intended for feed pans in poultry production, where the light will ensure that the pan with the sensor gets attention from the birds, which again ensures a stable feed supply. 

Compared to discrete light solutions, the DOL 28R is very easy to install and can be used also for upgrading existing feed systems with an integrated light solution.


DOL 41 / 43 / 45
Digital capacitive sensors - 30 mm, relay, IP67

The DOL 40R series comprises three models with different functionalities.  




The DOL 41R has no time delay, the DOL 43R has the option of delayed disconnection. In addition to the two options mentioned, the DOL 45R also has the option of delayed switch-on. The sensitivity of the sensor and delay time are adjusted by two push button switches, and light diodes indicate when the switches are activated.

DOL 44
Capacitive sensor - 30/32 mm, relay, IP69K

DOL 44 is a range of capacitive relay sensors.  


The sensors have robust functionality and are easy to operate. Settings are easily changed via two trimmers using a small screwdriver. The DOL 44 has full temperature compensation, and the sensor is very robust as regards washing and EMC protection. The sensor can therefore be used in environments with frequency converters. A red LED light clearly indicates the current status of the relay sensor.  

iDOL 44R
Feed sensor with wireless communication

The iDOL 44R is the future of feed sensors. Based upon the DOL 44R, the iDOL 44R features setup and adjustment of parameters and settings through a wireless interface. Matched with the iDOL companion app on your smartphone, the iDOL 44R is both easier to operate and more flexible than any other capacitive feed sensor.  



The iDOL app allows more parameters to be available for the user, compared to a traditional sensor with two trimmers operated by a screwdriver. The result is a more flexible sensor, which can be adapted to the individual need of the user.


At the same time, the iDOL 44R sensor is also much easier to operate and understand, since the setup of parameters is done with a user-friendly user interface, which is easy to understand.

The result is a unique sensor, which has more features; yet at the same time, it is much easier to use  



iDOL 46R/DOL46
ATEX approved feed sensor

The iDOL 46R capacitive feed sensor is designed for general detection of feed, grain and solids. DOL 46R is approved according to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU for operation in potentially explosive dust atmospheres.  


The ATEX approval makes the iDOL 46R suitable for installations with explosion risk due to dust from feed processing. The 46R is a 30 mm sensor with relay output.  

Drop Tube / T-piece / Plastic glands


Drop Tube - Plastic tube for easy mounting of the sensor  

Drop Tube makes it easy to mount capacitive sensors in feeding systems for pigs and poultry.  


Drop Tube is easily adjusted to the relevant diameter. Drop Tube has been specially designed for the DOL 20R sensor, but can also be used for mounting traditional capacitive sensors of the DOL 25, DOL 33 and DOL 40R series.  


T-piece - Plastic T-piece for mounting sensors on pipes  

T-bracket makes it easy to mount sensors on plastic pipes in pipe systems where the sensor detects the material through the plastic wall of the pipe.  


The bracket is suitable for pipes with diameters between 38 and 70 mm.  


Plastic glands - Bushing for mounting sensors  

The plastic gland can be mounted in a silo wall for example by means of an internal locknut or from the outside by means of the enclosed flange.  


Various mounting options

There is also a range of spare parts that facilitate mounting and servicing of the capacitive sensors. 



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