Production equipment


Continuously optimise and make the production more efficient

In modern agriculture, it is necessary to continuously optimise and make the production more efficient to be able to deliver the best results. dol-sensors offers a range of products that give the producer the opportunity to achieve effective and modern production management.


  • • Feed - the financially important item
  • • Feed and animal weighing – be in
      control of the production
  • • Water recording
  • • Specially designed for animal
Water meter
DOL 90


The DOL 90 water meter records water consumption and has been designed to transfer data to a livestock house computer.


Water consumption in the livestock house is a good indicator of the animals' condition. If the water consumption is much higher than during the previous 24 hours, the temperature may have risen, but it may also be an indication of problems in the form of illness, poor feed or waste of water.


The DOL 90 water meter is available in three models depending on the water flow. The housing of the water meter is made of a brass alloy and is equipped with a filter at the entrance point. The flow can be read off on a mechanical counter or via a meter fitted on the outside, which is controlled by built-in contact assembly in the DOL 90.


Feed weighers
DOL 99 / DOL 99-2


Weighing the feed makes it possible to monitor the animals' feed intake, which in broiler production is a good indicator of the birds’ productivity. The DOL 99 feed weigher comprises a dustproof housing with the feed supply at the top and a feed outlet at the bottom. There is a 4-digit display, six indicator lamps, display switch and a settings button on the operation unit.



DOL 99

The DOL 99 can be integrated in a feeding system where accurate recordings are required. The amount of feed weighed is stored in the memory of the microcomputer. At the same time, the weight data is transferred to be used for external monitoring, for example by livestock house computers or a PLC.


DOL 99-2

The DOL 99-2 can dose up to two feed components. The mixture is set on the operation unit, and the weighed amounts are stored separately in the memory. The DOL 99-2 provides separate weight data for the two feed components.



Animal weighers
DOL 94 / DOL 98


Knowing the development of the broilers' weight is the best indicator of the birds' productivity. By knowing the birds' weight, it is possible to monitor their daily gain and thereby predict their slaughter weight. The DOL 94-10 and the DOL 98S -20/-70 are weighers for the automatic weighing of poultry. The poultry weighers record the birds' weight and transfer the data to a connected livestock house computer.



DOL 94 - broiler, platform weigher

The DOL 94-10 is primarily used for weighing poultry with a weight of up to 10 kg. The DOL 94-10 is a platform weigher to be placed on the litter among the broilers. The weigher is easy to handle and dismantle when the livestock house is being cleaned.


DOL 98 - broiler, top-hung weigher

The DOL 98S -20 is used primarily for weighing rearing stock and parent stock and has a capacity of up to 20 kg.

The DOL 98S -70 is used for weighing turkeys and can weigh birds of up to 70 kg. The DOL 98S-20 and the DOL 98S-70 poultry weighers are both platform weighers suspended from a load cell. The platform does not contain any electrical components and withstands high-pressure cleaning. The platform is easy to attach and remove from the load cell.


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