OmniFarm app User Guide

OmniFarm App

The OmniFarm App gives you access to your climate data captured by the iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway and its connected DOL sensors.
Once you have mounted and installed the iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway and the DOL sensors, the iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway must be paired with the OmniFarm App. Hereafter you can enjoy viewing the data from your farm in the App.
Opening the app for the first time it shows you the screen for adding/paring an iDOL 63.

For more info on adding/paring a device go to section Manage Device.


The app has a main menu with five tabs:

  • Devices: Access to your collected sensor data
  • Manage Devices: Adding, deleting or modifying your sensors
  • Info: Access to different resources like this guide and the installation guide for the iDOL 63
  • Settings: App settings, e.g. switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Pro version: To access the pro features sign-up and login. Pro features are accessed via the four screens listed above.


On the Devices tab, you have access the sensor data collected by your iDOL 63 connected sensors.

To switch between the data collected by the individual iDOL 63, click on the “house” icon or slide left/right.

The iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway updates sensor data every 15 minutes. To make sure that your app shows the latest parameters, “swipe down” to refresh the displayed data.

The Free Basic App

With the Basic version, you can connect up to two iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway devices each measuring temperature, humidity and CO2.

Basic Temperature Warning

The basic app comes with a built-in warning for temperature. If the temperature increases or decreases more than 2 degrees Celsius/Fahrenheit within an hour, the temperature block turns red and stays red as long this condition is met.

The Pro App

With the Pro version, you can connect up to five iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway devices each measuring temperature, humidity, CO2 and Ammonia. Furthermore, you are able to connect eight sensor inputs to each iDOL 63.

Warnings and notifications in the Pro version

With the Pro version, you can define your own warning threshold for each sensor. This is described in Section Manage Devices.
On activation of a warning, the sensor will turn red like in the Basic App and you will also receive a notification on your phone.

Sensor Data History

For each sensor, the Pro App gives you access to a graph view of the collected sensor data for the past 24 hours. Click on the graph icon to access the graph.
DOL 114 Connection


Manage Devices

The Manage Device tab lists your connected iDOL 63 devices.
As a Basic user, you may add, rename and delete two devices.

As Pro user you can:

  • Add and name 5 iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway devices
  • Add and name 8 sensor inputs to each Cloud Gateway, select between temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and ammonia. Read here about how to attach sensors to the iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway.
  • Add a warning threshold to each sensor input

Add device

To add a device, click the “+”-sign. On the Android version the “+”-sign is located at the lower right corner marked by a blue circle and on the iOS version it is located at the upper right corner.

  • Clicking the “+”-sign opens the “Ready to Scan” dialog.
  • You then place your phone against the NFC sticker on the iDOL 63 device.
  • When the iDOL 63 device is recognized, the App will confirm the connection by inserting the device Id into the app.
  • Then type a name of your choice for the device and press the Add button.

If the maximum of allowed devices is reached the app warns you that the oldest device will be removed if you continue the process. If you do not want the oldest device to be substituted by the new device cancel the process and delete the desired device as described below.

Modify device

To modify a device simply click the device.
For Basic App users you can change the name of a device.

Add more sensors

As Pro user, you may connect five iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway devices and use all eight ports on the Cloud Gateway. In total, you will have access to 40 sensor inputs.

Click Manage Sensors to add, delete or modify sensors on your iDOL 63.

DOL 114 Connection

In addition to temperature, humidity and CO2 the Pro app also supports the DOL 53 Ammonia sensor. Read about how to connect more sensors to the Cloud Gateway here.

Pro users are in contrary to Basic users able to define their own warning thresholds and will also receive a notification when a warning threshold is passed.

Click on the individual port to set the name, select sensor type and if desired, set a warning threshold.
DOL 114 Connection
If you want to add/enable a warning threshold to a sensor, use the slide button to the right and fill in the desired threshold.

Ammonia and carbon dioxide operates with fixed thresholds, whereas temperature and humidity track the deviation within a specified timeframe, e.g. 1 degree within 2 hours.

Delete device

To delete a device slide left on the device


The OmniFarm App gives you direct access to the mounting and installation guide for iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway, the user guide for the OmniFarm App and the dol-sensors webpage.


Select the Settings menu to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

As Pro user you are also able to manage your subscription.

Pro version

To get started using the Pro features you will be guided through a three-step process:

  • Purchase the Pro features: Select the “Pro version” menu item from the main menu. Click the Subscribe button.
    You will then be asked to accept the payment. If you have not registered a credit card on your Appstore / Play store account, you have to enter valid card information. On successful purchase, you will return to the OmniFarm app

  • Sign-up as Pro user: Click the Sign up now.Enter the e-mail you want to use* for your OmniFarm Pro user profile. Hereafter click the Send verification code and check your e-mail box for the reception of the verification code. The e-mail will have the subject “dol-sensors A/S account email verification code”. Then enter the verification code in the OmniFarm app sign-up screen and fill in the password you want to use twice.
  • On successful sign-up the app will display the Devices screen (or Manage Devices screen if you have no registered devices yet)

*As Pro user you must have a valid email address composed by alphanumeric characters, _, @, -, ., : and #.