Feed sensor with integrated light

DOL 28

The DOL 28R / iDOL 28R is a unique a capacitive relay sensor for detection of feed, grain and solids in a feeding system. The sensor has relay output including switch function. The sensor has a white LED for illuminating the feed pan.

The DOL 28R is intended for feed pans in poultry production, where the light will ensure that the pan with the sensor gets attention from the birds, which again ensures a stable feed supply. Compared to discrete light solutions, the DOL 28R is very easy to install and can be used also for upgrading existing feed systems with an integrated light solution.

  • The DOL 28R / iDOL 28R series of capacitive relay sensors from dol-sensors are sturdy and easy to operate.
  • Two trimmers or the SmartAdjust App make it easy to change settings of product parameters depending on the model.
  • A red LED clearly indicates the current status of the relay sensor and a green LED indicating power on sensor.

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