Capacitive and Proximity Sensors

Automation of processes with capacitive proximity sensors

dol-sensors’ capacitive proximity sensors ensure an efficient and seamless handling of:

  • Grain
  • Feed
  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • and other granular materials

Our large product range includes both smooth cylindrical sensors, threaded cylindrical sensors and flat sensors.

Capacitive proximity sensors are used for the automation of processes where there is a need for controlled conveyance, transport, preparation, and storage of materials.

Our intelligent livestock sensors detect feed and grain in feed systems for livestock production such as hoppers, feed pans, silos, bin, or poultry feed lines and provide data for automated processes in feed and grain handling. All our sensors are well-tested to ensure a longer service life.


  • Full control of feed and grain conveyance
  • No feed loss
  • Overview of the feed and grain storage


  • Specially designed for the harsh environment in livestock houses
  • Custom-designed versions to meet specific needs
  • CE, UL, CSA and ATEX approvals
  • Easy adjustment with the SmartAdjust App

Our in-house R&D resources allow for custom-designed versions to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our modern and flexible production facilities are equipped to produce sensors in small and large batches at very competitive prices.

dol-sensors has a large range of functional, mechanical, and electrical variants of intelligent sensors to meet every need and work with all farm management systems.

As dol-sensors focuses on agriculture, our sensors are all designed for the harsh environment in livestock houses. Furthermore, the livestock sensors need no maintenance and have a high service lifetime.

dol-sensors’ capacitive proximity sensors include:


These sensors from dol-sensors all have CE, UL, and CSA approvals. iDOL 46 ATEX also has an ATEX approval.

DOL 26, DOL 27 and iDOL 27 are all immune to EMI, short-circuiting and overloading, i.e. the risk of burnt-out sensors due to installation errors are non-existent.


What are capacitive / proximity sensors used for in agriculture?

In agriculture, these sensors are primarily used for detecting feed and grain to ensure an efficient handling.

What materials can capacitive / proximity sensors detect?

dol-sensors’ capacitive / proximity sensors can detect grain, feed, wood, plastic, and other granular material. Thus, can be used in livestock houses as well as in silos in the industrial industry e.g. in plastics production or for pellet stoves.


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