DOL 41 Capacitive Relay Sensor

DOL 41 is a robust capacitive relay sensor designed for general detection of feed, grain, and solid materials.

The sensor provides great functionality and is easy to operate.


  • Highly reliable
  • Several mounting options
  • Robust design for harsh environments
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Save Energy
Better Animal Welfare
Increased Production
Short Circuit Protection
Compatible With All Types of Controllers
Accurate Measurements
Better FCR
Easy Mounting
Save Money
Withstands High Pressure Cleaning
Well-suited for Livestock Facilities
Low Maintenance
Well Tested
Long Lifetime
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DOL 41 Capacitive Sensor Designed for General Detection of Feed, Grain, and Solid Materials

A capacitive sensor is typically used as empty, full, and level indicator in tanks, silos, and containers. The powerful integrated relay in DOL 41 means that it can control many functions directly. The DOL 41 sensor has LEDs that indicate when the switches are activated. All settings can easily be changed at any time.

Increased Usability

The sensor is equipped with a range of special functions, which increase its usability:

  • Reset of sensor to factory setting
  • Reading of adjusted time delay
  • Disconnection of time delay
  • Turn the light on/off in diodes

DOL 41 capacitive sensor features a built-in powerful 10 A relay with switch function. The sensor is available in two variants with the following voltage range: 10 – 30 V AC/DC 90 – 250 V AC

Highly Reliable Sensor

The use of electronic rather than mechanical switches ensures unique reliability, particularly as the electronics are completely encapsulated in special plastic. This provides maximum protection against humidity and other external influences in harsh environments.

The sensor is CE and C-UL approved and has a high immunity to noise from electric communication (i.e. from a mobile phone) and transients (i.e. from motors and contactors). This makes the sensor very reliable.

Several Mounting Options

DOL 41 is easily mounted in a plastic gland, which is also available as a flange solution for easy external mounting. Likewise, the sensor is supplied with thread, providing several mounting options.

DOL 41 capacitive sensor has no time delay. The relay switches as soon as the sensor is activated and remains in this position until the activating influence stops.

The sensitivity is easily adjusted by two switches.

Part of the DOL 40 Series

DOL 41 is part of the DOL 40 series which is a series of robust capacitive/proximity sensors designed for general detection of feed, grain, and solid materials.

The DOL 40 series provides great functionality and is easy to operate. The series includes three models with different functions: DOL 41, DOL 43, and DOL 45.

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