Ammonia Sensor

DOL 51

The award DOL 51 is a new device specifically designed for continuous measurement of ammonia (NH3)

DOL 51’s innovative design, where air is funnelled to the measuring inlet through a heated duct that prevents condensation, allows DOL 51 to operate under these conditions. The clean gas side of air cleaners is one such application where DOL 51 makes it possible to measure the remaining ammonia concentration after a passage of the filters. Data that is vital to document the cleanness of the exhaust air. Combined with data from DOL 53 on the inlet side of the air cleaner, data from DOL 51 can be used to ensure that air cleaners run as efficiently as possible at the lowest possible cost of additives.

The DOL 51 features accurate ammonia measurements in concentrations up to 50ppm, negligible cross sensitivity to other gasses and a long lifetime without the need for calibration. DOL 51 is mounted directly in the airstream, without any need for tubes or pumps.