A capacitive relay sensor

iDOL 44R

iDOL 44R is a capacitive relay sensor for detection of feed, grain and solids. The sensors have relay output, including switch function.


iDOL 44 is a range of 30 mm capacitive relay in three different housings:

  • M30 metric housing with nuts
  • Ø30 smooth housing

iDOL 44R is the future of feed sensors, featuring setup and adjustment of parameters and settings through a wireless interface and SmartAdjust companion app. The app allows for more parameters to be adapted to the individual need of the user, compared to a traditional sensor.
At the same time, the iDOL 44R sensor is also much easier to operate and understand, since the setup of parameters is done with a user-friendly user interface, which is easy to understand.
iDOL 44R has high immunity to noise from electric communication (e.g. mobile phones) and transients (e.g. from motors and contactors). The IP69K protection class offers the highest protection against water and other liquids, e.g. during the cleaning of livestock houses.


A red LED light clearly indicates the current status of the relay sensor.

Fields of application: Level control in silos and containers Controlling the filling and emptying process