iDOL 65 Camera

Monitor weight

We have revolutionized the process of automated weighing of pigs by introducing the iDOL 65 camera. Stay tuned for the next generation camera that weighs pigs.

Today, pig farmers and integrators around the world struggle to optimize management strategy because of a lacking vital parameter; the weight. Daily access to actual weight and weight gain is pivotal for optimizing feeding and shipping strategy. Data shows that the potential of shipping livestock at the optimal time and weight on average have the value of
3,5-4,5 USD per pig.

The iDOL 65 camera helps you ease-up your daily management by providing routinely weight monitoring of your livestock and lets you know the exact value and performance of your livestock. The iDOL 65 camera demonstrates unprecedented precision due to the comprehensive training based on + 1 mill. images. The data and statistics from your farm can easily be integrated with your Farm Management System through our DOL Omni Cloud.

With the iDOL 65 camera, at pen level, you can now:

  • Daily monitor average weight
  • Daily monitor average weight gain
  • Estimate livestock value

At an individual level, you can now:

  • Monitor daily weight
  • Monitor daily weight gain
  • Optimize sorting strategy
  • Identify low performers
  • Forecast slaughter weight
  • Identify slaughter-ready animals


The next generation camera that weighs pigs at individual level.