iDOL 65

Pig Weighing Camera

iDOL 65 Pig Weighing Camera

Reduce Production Costs with Constant Real Time, Accurate Weighing of Pigs

With an iDOL 65 camera installed in the pen, you generate accurate daily updates on the average weight in the pen, minimum/maximum weight, weight gain, and deviation.  All based of thousands of automated digital imaging weights per day.

The algorithm for automated weighing is based on data from over 3 million images of weaned and finishing pigs.

Benefits of iDOL 65 camera:

  • Reduce production costs
  • Monitor the effect of compound feed changes
  • Save labor
  • Monitor the weight and productivity of the pen constantly
  • Get a more accurate and modern production
  • Eliminate human handling concerns moving animals on weighing scales
  • Secure a more accurate weight distribution for logistics and procurement facilities

Reduce Production Costs

iDOL 65 is a revolutionary automated pig weighing camera based on a novel 3D camera technology with proprietary data processing algorithms. The pig weighing camera continuously weighs the pigs in the pen digitally.  Allowing you to have access to accurate daily updates of the average weight in the pen, minimum and maximum weight, weight gain, and deviation.  With the all-encompassing data provided through the iDOL 65, makes it possible to accurately forecast when to ship pigs for slaughter at the optimum weight, at the most profitable time.

Furthermore, the monitoring of the weight of the pen allows you to calculate the Feed Consumption Rate. In turn gives you the ability to optimize and adjust your feeding strategy, to reduce production costs.

Monitor the Effect of Compound Feed Changes

When changing the compound feed, it is worth looking at the timing of the change and the changes in the animals’ weight gain.  Compound feed changes at the proper time, is crucial to ensure lowering production costs while increasing productivity.

The data from the camera helps prove if feed changes have resulted in higher productivity and give you a valid basis for optimizing your feeding strategy. It also helps you reduce pauses in the growth curve, to ensure the optimum growth potential.  All data is available in real time allowing this to be a tool to help manage and correct groups now, rather than wait on close-outs when it’s too late to be corrected.

Save Labor and Increase Human Safety

It is well known that weighing pigs manually is a tough job that requires strength, endurance, and quick reaction ability. A full-grown market pig is strong and does not like to be confined while someone tries to measure its weight.

The job is time consuming, difficult, and harsh, and human safety is put to the test.

Installing iDOL 65 camera in the pen, puts human safety first, saves time, and saves labor, since no human interference is needed.

Monitor the Weight of the Pen Constantly

iDOL 65 camera gives you a constant track of the animals’ gain and the dispersion of the animals’ weight in the pen in contrast to the momentary glimpse, that the manual weighing gives you.

Thus, the camera provides you with accurate data, that gives you the best basis for decisions on changing compound feed and when to send the pigs to slaughter.

The data also allows you to monitor early weight loss tendency among the pigs that may indicate health or well-being challenges in the animals.

Get a More Accurate and Modern Production

With the vital knowledge of real time weight, weight gain, average weight, and deviation of the pigs you will get a more accurate and modern production approach.  Providing a more economical and lucrative approach to logistics and slaughter.

The 24/7 monitoring data and statistics from the farm can easily be integrated with the Farm Management System through our DOL Omni Cloud™. From here, the data can safely be shared with stakeholders.

The pig weighing camera makes you estimate your livestock value and make clever data-based decisions, maximizing the farms’ profit.

Maintenance of the camera software and updates are handled centrally, thus offering a carefree solution.