DOL 16 - A robust light sensor

DOL 16

DOL 16 light sensor measures light intensity

DOL 16 is a robust light sensor measuring light intensity and is specially made for the harsh environment in livestock houses. However, it can also be used in various industrial applications.

The DOL 16 light sensor is available in two variants: one with fixed cable, and one with M12 connector/cable. The sensor has two 0-10 V analogue outputs with very low output resistance and full protection against short circuit and cable failure.

The sensor is regulated by a microprocessor and has a two-color LED for communication of operating status and fault diagnostics.

Energy Saving

Connecting the DOL 16 to a lighting control system safes energy, as it makes it possible only allowing the lights to come on when necessary. This means achieving the required lighting intensity with the fewest possible hours of lighting.

Increasing Animal Welfare

Since the light sensor provides data on light intensity, it is now possible to set up an efficient light plan increasing the animal welfare. An optimal light plan is essential for broilers as they have a need for a regulated day-and-night cycle. The perfect amount of light will improve the animals’ growth, immune system, and mobility. Also, the amount of light affects the chicken’s reproduction cycle and have influence of the amount of eggs they lay.

Pigs’ eyes are not adapted to extremely bright light and they may be better suited to dim levels of natural light. Furthermore, they need the right amount of light to see pen features such as the feeder and to communicate and recognize the other pigs in the pen. Too much light can affect the pigs’ sight and result in stress, increased disruptive behavior, and weight loss.


  • Better animal welfare
  • Better FCR
  • Increased production
  • Safe energy

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