Climate Sensors

Climate sensors

Climate sensors are used in livestock houses to provide data for climate regulation and thereby ensure proper animal welfare, to achieve high productivity.

dol-sensors manufactures both single-function and multifunction climate sensors for monitoring:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • Ammonia
  • Light
  • Wind speed and wind direction

It is essential that the climate sensors are well functioning and robust to ensure comfort in animal production. A failing sensor can cause the farm management system to act based on wrong information, which can lead to incorrect ventilation or amount of light.

dol-sensors’ climate sensors are robust and tailored for the harsh environment in livestock houses and have a long service life.

The climate sensors measure and record changes in the livestock house climate.  It can also be used, for example, in horticultural enterprises and other industrial production facilities.  Ultimately, climate sensors can be utilized anywhere there is a need for recording changes in the climate conditions.


  • Control the climate in livestock houses
  • Ensure proper animal welfare and increased production capabilities
  • Lower FCR


  • Very accurate and reliable measurements
  • Tailored for the harsh environment in livestock houses
  • Single-function and multi-function sensors

dol-sensors’ climate sensors include:


Read more about Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) here.


What are the different types of climate sensors?

dol-sensors’ climate sensors include sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2, ammonia, light, weather, and electronic sub-pressure.


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