Electronic Sub-Pressure Sensor

DOL 18

DOL 18 for Reading or Controlling the Pressure in the Livestock Houses

The DOL 18 electronic sub-pressure sensor is used in connection with climate and production computers, for climate monitoring among other things.

The DOL 18 electronic sub-pressure sensor can be used for reading or controlling the pressure in the livestock house and for generating an alarm in case of too low or too high pressure.

Furthermore, the DOL 18 electronic sub-pressure sensor is often used for pressure control in central ducts. For instance, in connection with air cleaning systems.

Optimum Ventilation

Using negative pressure ventilation systems in swine and poultry production, the level of sub-pressure is an important factor. DOL 18 sub-pressure sensor provides updated data on the sub-pressure ensuring that the ventilation system can maintain air quality, temperature, and air movement in the most efficient way.


  • Optimum ventilation parameters for animals
  • Increased proper animal welfare
  • Energy saving

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