Weather Sensor

DOL 58

DOL 58 Measures Wind Direction, Wind Speed, and Air Pressure or Air Temperature

The DOL 58 weather sensor measures wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, and air temperature. Access to accurate updated on-site weather data makes it possible to have differentiated curtain opening in an automated ventilation system.  This ensures optimal ventilation and a consistent temperature in the entire barn. The result is an optimal environment for the livestock and proper animal welfare, resulting in a more profitable product.

DOL 58 is made for rugged environments with extremely low and high temperatures, high windspeed, changing wind directions and even strong gusts of wind. The wind speed and wind direction are measured with the help of ultrasound, which means that there are no movable parts on the sensor. Thus, DOL 58 is extremely reliable and has an exceptionally long lifetime.

DOL 58 Includes:

  • Weather sensor
  • Connection box
  • 5m/16feet and 30m/98feet cable for connection between weather sensor and connection box
  • Mounting bracket for the weather sensor


  • Long lifetime as there are no movable parts
  • Highly reliable
  • Accurate and immediate weather data
  • Differentiated curtain opening ensuring optimal ventilation
  • Ensures proper animal welfare

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