Detect rain

DOL 111

DOL 111 is an optical rain detector. It has built-in optical probes for rain detection and comes with a 30-meter cable for easy installation.

To ensure automatic closing of inlets in case of rain for example in cattle stables, DOL 111 rain sensor can be connected to a climate computer.

DOL 111 rain detector can give a signal when it rains over or below 6.35 mm/hour (1/4”/hour). The rain sensor can be adjusted to stop detection 30 sec. to 5 min. after last drop. The sensor can be used in temperatures between minus 40 and plus 60 degrees Celsius.

The rain detector is made of UV-resistant polycarbonate, UV-stable ABS, stainless steel, and has a silicone O-ring to protect the circuit board from rain.

The sensor can also be used for other detection purposes.

DOL 111 is designed to override cycle programs, stopping the system during rainfall, and keeping it off for a while after rain has fallen. Thus, it can be used with irrigation controllers for stopping sprinklers at the field e.g. Irrigation will resume once the sensor dries out or it rains below 6.35 mm/hour.

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