A 3-in-1 sensor

DOL 139

DOL 139 is a 3-in-1 sensor for livestock houses

DOL 139 is a smart 3-in-1 sensor combining measurement of both relative humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Save Time and Money Using the DOL 139

Since DOL 139 measures 3 important elements of the environment; humidity, temperature, and CO2, it makes for an easier installation, less maintenance and a more cost-effective solution.  No need for multiple sensors when you can use a single sensor to measure 3 elements.

A Strong Durable Sensor with a Long Lifetime

The sensor is specially designed to withstand the harsh conditions in livestock houses and industrial environments.

Withstands High-Pressure Cleaning

DOL 139 is protected by a sturdy casing and behind a carefully selected filter.  It is supplied with a protection cap for protection of the sensor during washing and disinfection, even during high-pressure cleaning.

Easy Replacement

It is easy to replace DOL 19 or DOL 119 CO2 sensors as well as DOL 104 humidity sensor and DOL 114 humidity and temperature sensor with a DOL 139. The DOL 139 will then serve as the only sensor needed for measuring humidity, temperature, and CO2.


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