Track & Control Ammonia

Earn 2,500 EUR per batch

Earn up to 2,500 EUR per batch by tracking & controlling ammonia emissions
An increased concentration of ammonia has a major impact on the revenue of your broiler production. Research in this area* shows that an increased concentration can cut profits by EUR 2,500 or more per batch in a livestock house with 25,000 broilers.

Why measure ammonia?
The CO2 level is a very good indicator of the air quality in the livestock house. The level of ammonia in the air is also an indicator of the litter quality. The litter quality has a significant influence on the production results. It is a known fact that there is a close link between good litter, a uniform distribution of the broilers and good production results.

*Atmospheric Ammonia Is Detrimental to the Performance of Modern Commercial Broilers. D. M. Miles, S. L. Branton and B. D. Lott

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