Specialized in agriculture

At dol-sensors, we have specialized in agriculture for over 50 years.

We innovate, design, and produce intelligent sensor solutions for the agricultural industry worldwide to improve livestock production and animal welfare. Due to our expertise in agriculture, we are aware of the different needs of farmers and farm managers around the world and in different livestock facilities.

Customized sensor solutions

We aim at providing unparalleled customer experiences by collaborating with our customers on designing customized sensor solutions that meet their specific needs. Some of these collaborations have led to the development of sensors with threaded and smooth housing, sensors with straight and return cables, small capacitive sensors, and water-proof climate sensors.

Robust sensors for agricultural environments

In livestock houses, sensors are affected by high humidity levels, lots of dust particles, high levels of ammonia, and temperature swings. This is why our sensors are designed with robust housing and filters that with stand these harsh conditions. Most of our sensors are IP 67 og IP 69k protected against dust and water and many of our climate sensors come with protections caps to protect their filter against high-pressure cleaning.

Our sensors are all well-tested and the majority of them are certified with CE an UKCA certifications to ensure a longer life time.

Improved livestock production and animal welfare

Livestock production and animal welfare are paramount in the agricultural industry. Farmers and farm managers need reliable and accurate data to make informed decisions that will optimize their production processes and ensure the welfare of their animals.

At dol-sensors, we understand this need and are committed to developing intelligent sensor solutions that deliver real-time data on critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2, ammonia levels, and feed intake. This data helps farmers and farm managers to optimize their production processes, monitor animal welfare, and take proactive measures to prevent potential issues.

Innovative solutions for animal welfare

Animal welfare is a crucial aspect of livestock production. Our sensors are designed to help farmers and farm managers create comfortable and safe environments for their animals. For instance, our temperature sensors help to regulate the temperature in livestock houses, ensuring that the animals are neither too hot nor too cold. Our humidity sensors help to regulate humidity levels, preventing mold growth and promoting a healthy environment for the animals.

Furthermore, our CO2 sensors help to maintain optimal air quality, which is essential for the health of the animals. By monitoring feed intake, our sensors provide valuable insights into the nutritional status of the animals, helping farmers to adjust their feeding regimes accordingly.

Efficient feed management

Feed management is a critical aspect of livestock production. Efficient feed management requires accurate data on feed intake, which our sensors can provide. Our sensors monitor feed intake in real-time, providing farmers and farm managers with data on the amount of feed consumed by their animals. This data helps to optimize feed management and reduce wastage, ultimately leading to cost savings for the farmer.

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