Capacitive/Proximity Sensors

DOL 20 and iDOL 20

DOL 20 and iDOL 20 Detect Loose and Solid materials

DOL 20 is a capacitive/proximity sensor for detecting loose and solid materials in agricultural and industrial sectors.

Robust Sensor Designed for Agricultural and Industrial Sectors

The DOL 20 sensor can be used to measure the level in hoppers, feed pans, silos, bins, or for control of poultry feed lines.

The capacitive/proximity sensor is extremely sturdy to error situations such as short circuits and overload and has a long lifetime even in harsh environments.

DOL 20 is suitable together with contactors, relays, and similar within the agricultural and industrial sectors.

The mechanical design makes DOL 20 ideal for integration into applications with limited space.

Smart Features

The sensor has an LED indicator for communicating the sensor status such as OFF or ON, and whether the sensor is programmed or using the factory settings.

The sensitivity of the DOL 20 sensor can be fixed or adjustable using trimmers to match various types of feed.

It can be mounted on the outside of plastic hoppers, as it can detect the level through this material. A DOL 20 sensor has potential-free relay contacts with a switch function and is supplied with mounting clips as standard.

Adjusted via the SmartAdjust App

The DOL 20 capacitive sensor is also available as an iDOL 20 sensor with NFC.

The sensitivity of the iDOL 20 sensor can be adjusted using the SmartAdjust App to suit different types of feed. To suit different motor control units, the ON and OFF delay of the sensor can be adjusted using the SmartAdjust App. It is also possible to adjust the output function (reverses the ON/OFF function of the sensor) via the App.

iDOL 20 can be supplied with 20-280 VAC/VDC and a max. current (Ie) of 500 mA.

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