SmartAdjust App

Simple configuration of your sensors with your smartphone

The SmartAdjust companion app helps you control all your sensors’ functions in an intuitive way using only your smartphone.

SmartAdjust works with all iDOL sensors (exept for the iDOL 65 Pig Weighing Camera) and gives you precise adjustments.

Do more with one sensor

The app makes it possible to do more with one sensor. For example, you can configure your iDOL sensors to have on/off delay and Max Run Time at the same time.

Smart features

iDOL sensors and SmartAdjust can be used without parring the sensors.

Configurations can be saved and shared amongst your staff to be used in other livestock houses.

In-reach configuration ensures excellent security and eliminates the risk of configuring other sensors than the one intended.

Avoid guessing and get more accurate readings as SmartAdjust makes it configure sensor settings exactly the way you want them to be.

With SmartAdjust you can:

  • Easily and intuitively configure all iDOL sensors with no power applied
  • Preconfigure sensors before installation in your production
  • Copy settings to multiple sensors
  • Save the configuration for later use or documentation
  • Share sensor configurations with others
  • Do more with one sensor making it more flexible than any other sensor

With the SmartAdjust app it is much easier to operate and understand your sensors.  The setup of parameters is done in a user-friendly interface, which is easy to understand.


SmartAdjust is now available in the following sensors from dol-sensors a/s: