SmartAdjust app

SmartAdjust by dol-sensors - the world’s simplest way to configure sensors. It helps you control all your sensors functions in an intuitive way using only your smartphone.

SmartAdjust companion app allows for easy and intuitive configuration of all the sensors in the iDOL series. SmartAdjust is available in the following sensors from dol-sensors a/s:

  • iDOL 20
  • iDOL 27
  • iDOL 44R
  • iDOL 44R-33
  • iDOL 46R

Configurations have been tailored to perfection in your application can be saved and shared amongst your staff to be used in other livestock houses.
Due to the versatility of SmartAdjust and iDOL sensors, the only thing you really have to worry about is choosing the right housing for your sensors.

  • Sensors can be configured with no power applied
  • Sensor configurations can be saved for later use and shared with others
  • In-reach configuration ensures excellent security and eliminates the risk of configuring other sensors than the one intended