Capacitive/Proximity Sensor

DOL 26

DOL 26 Detects Loose and Solid Materials

DOL 26 is a capacitive/proximity sensor for detecting loose and solid materials such as feed, plastic or wood pellets, grain, and bedding. The sensor can for example help ensure sufficient feed distribution in livestock houses or distribution of the right number of pellets in a pellet stove.

Smooth Design for Limited Space

Due to the mechanical design of DOL 26, the sensor is ideal for inclusion in small applications with limited space such as inside feed trough in poultry farms. In this way the sensor is kept away from the reach of the animal.

Hardened Design for Agriculture

DOL 26 is specially designed for the harsh environment in livestock houses to withstand high humidity levels and the high dust levels. The proximity sensor is fully temperature compensated with a wide temperature range.

DOL 26 is immune to EMI, short circuits, and any overload. No more burned off sensors due to installation mistakes!

Different Versions for Different Needs

At dol-sensors we strive to make the best solution for our customers, who have very different needs. Thus, our sensors are all available in different versions and can be tailored to every specific needs.

This of course also applies to DOL 26 capacitive/proximity which is available with both a straight and an angled cable exit.  It offers SCR, PNP and NPN output options and smooth or threaded housings. The cable-return option is especially suited for feeding pans.

Low Power Consumption

DOL 26 capacitive/proximity sensor has a very low power consumption in off state.  This gives the possibility for sensors working in parallel on the same contactor.

Easily Trimmed

DOL 26 is easily trimmed with only the use of a screwdriver. The sensitivity of the sensor can be fixed or adjusted using a trimmer to suit different types of feed. The ON/OFF delay and MaxRunTimer of the sensor can be fixed or adjusted using a trimmer to suit different motor control units.

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