ATEX approved capacitive sensor


iDOL 46 ATEX capacitive feed sensor is designed for general detection of feed, grain and solids.

iDOL 46 ATEX is the future of feed sensors. iDOL 46 ATEX features setup and adjustment of parameters and settings through a user friendly app on you smartphone.

iDOL 46 ATEX – Capacitive Sensor with ATEX approval
iDOL 46 ATEX is approved according to ATEX directive 2014/34/ EU for operation in potentially explosive dust atmospheres.
ATEX approval makes the iDOL 46 ATEX suitable for installations dust poses an imminent explosion risk classified according to Zone 20 and 21.

  • iDOL 46 ATEX series of capacitive relay sensors from dol-sensors are sturdy and easy to operate.
  • Robust design with a plastic housing with 7-joule shock/impact test.
  • Matched with the iDOL SmartAdjust companion app on your smartphone, the iDOL 46 ATEX is both easier to operate and more flexible than any other capacitive feed sensor. The iDOL SmartAdjust companion app allows for more parameters to be available for the user, compared to a traditional sensor. The result is a more flexible sensor, which can be adapted to the individual need of the user. Established configurations can be saved in the app and used to configure new sensors. Configurations can even be sent around the world helping customers or technicians with setting up sensors.

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For all iDOL products, download the SmartAdjust App by simply placing the phone on to the NFC symbol on the sensor or searching for SmartAdjust on Google App Store.